following jesus from behind

Are You Following Jesus This Close

Yearning for a deeper connection with Christ, but are you willing to surrender everything to follow Him on the narrow path?

You've been called to surrender everything to follow Jesus closely. It's a radical obedience that demands your whole heart and life. You're summoned to lay down your desires, ambitions, and even your very self. This journey requires spiritual warfare, inner transformation, and a willingness to embrace a holy ambition. As you surrender, you'll discover a more intimate relationship with Christ and experience spiritual freedom. But are you ready to count the cost and take the narrow path? The question remains: are you following Jesus this close? As you ponder this question, you'll discover the keys to a life of sacrificial love and purpose.

The Call to Radical Obedience

embracing radical obedience to god

As you stand at the threshold of following Jesus, you're summoned to a radical obedience that defies the lukewarm and demands a wholehearted surrender of your will, your desires, and your life. This isn't a casual stroll; it's a deliberate, all-in commitment to pursue a Holy Ambition that sets your heart ablaze for the Kingdom of God. You're called to abandon the comfort of mediocrity and instead, fix your gaze on the Kingdom Focus that Jesus embodied. This means trading in your own agendas and desires for the radical obedience that characterized Jesus' life. It's a call to lay down your life, to surrender your own interests, and to take up your cross daily. This isn't about earning salvation; it's about living a life that honors the One who saved you. As you respond to this call, you'll discover a life of purpose, passion, and power that flows from a deepening intimacy with Jesus. Will you answer the call to radical obedience, and commence on a journey that will transform your life and the world around you?

Dying to Self, Living for Him

You're not just surrendering your life to Jesus, you're surrendering your very self, trading in the significance of your own ego and desires for the freedom of living solely for Him. This is the essence of dying to self, an essential step in following Jesus closely. As you surrender, you'll engage in spiritual warfare, confronting the enemy's whispers that you're not good enough or that you're missing out. But as you stand firm, you'll experience inner transformation, your heart and mind renewed by the Holy Spirit.

You'll begin to see life through the lens of eternity, rather than the fleeting desires of the flesh. Your priorities will shift, and you'll find joy in pleasing Jesus, not yourself. This is the paradox of the Christian life: the more you die to yourself, the more you'll truly live. You'll discover that living for Him is not about rules or regulations, but about freedom, peace, and purpose. As you surrender, you'll find that Jesus is not just your Savior, but your Lord, guiding you on a path of radical obedience and deepening intimacy.

The Cost of True Discipleship

sacrifice for spiritual growth

Following Jesus closely demands a willingness to count the cost, to surrender everything, including your dreams, desires, and even your very life, for the sake of His kingdom. This isn't a casual stroll with the Savior; it's an all-in, no-holds-barred commitment to follow Him, no matter the cost. You can't follow Jesus closely without acknowledging the reality of spiritual warfare. The enemy will stop at nothing to distract you from your holy longing for intimacy with God. But don't be discouraged – Jesus has already won the battle. Your role is to stand firm in faith, armed with the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.

As you follow Jesus closely, you'll begin to realize that the cost of true discipleship is not just about what you give up, but about what you gain – a deeper, more intimate relationship with the King of kings. It's a trade-off you won't regret. So, are you willing to pay the price? Are you ready to surrender everything for the sake of His kingdom? The rewards are eternal, and the joy is unspeakable.

Surrendering Our Lives to Christ

One essential step in surrendering your life to Christ is to recognize that your life isn't yours to control or dictate. You must acknowledge that you're not the captain of your own ship, and that God is the one who should be at the helm. This surrender is the key to accessing spiritual freedom, where you're no longer bound by your own desires, fears, and insecurities.

When you surrender your life to Christ, you open yourself up to inner healing. The wounds of your past, the shame, the guilt, and the pain can finally begin to heal. You'll experience a sense of freedom you never thought possible, as the weight of your burdens is lifted off your shoulders. You'll begin to see yourself and your circumstances through God's eyes, and that's when the transformation begins. As you surrender, you'll discover a newfound sense of purpose, and your life will be filled with meaning and direction. You'll be free to live the life God has called you to, without the baggage of your past holding you back.

Embracing the Narrow Path

walking the less traveled

As you surrender your life to Christ, you'll inevitably find yourself standing at the crossroads, where the broad path of self-will and the narrow path of obedience converge. The choice is yours: will you follow the crowd down the wide road that leads to destruction, or will you take the less-traveled path that leads to life? Jesus Himself warned us that the gate is narrow and the way is difficult that leads to life, and only a few find it (Matthew 7:14).

Embracing the narrow path requires spiritual clarity, a clear understanding of God's will and purposes for your life. It demands faithful perseverance, a commitment to continuing on the path even when the journey gets tough. As you press on, you'll find that the narrow path leads to a deeper intimacy with Christ, a life marked by purpose, and a sense of fulfillment that comes from living according to God's design. So, take a deep breath, square your shoulders, and step onto the narrow path. You won't regret it.

Living a Life of Sacrificial Love

You'll soon discover that the narrow path you've chosen leads to a life of sacrificial love, where you'll be called to surrender your desires, interests, and even your own life for the sake of others, just as Jesus did for you. This path is not about seeking your own gain, but about embracing a life of selfless love. As you walk this path, you'll experience a deeper level of Holy Intimacy with God, where you'll hear His whispers and feel His presence in every moment.

As you surrender to God's will, you'll become a Servant Leader, humbly serving others and putting their needs before your own. You'll learn to love without expecting anything in return, just as Jesus did on the cross. Your life will become a reflection of Christ's love, shining brightly for all to see. Remember, the narrow path is not about seeking glory or recognition, but about living a life that honors God and blesses others. Will you choose to follow Jesus this close, surrendering everything for the sake of love?

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm Not Good Enough to Follow Jesus Closely?

You wonder if you're good enough to follow Jesus closely, but self-doubt struggles and fearful obedience hold you back. You feel unworthy, plagued by performance anxiety. But here's the truth: Jesus doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called. Your worth isn't in your performance, but in His perfection. He chose you, and that's enough. Embrace His grace, and let go of unworthy feelings. You are enough, because He is enough in you.

Can I Still Follow Jesus if I Have a Troubled Past?

"Your past is a puzzle, but God holds the masterpieces. Can you still follow Jesus despite a troubled past? Absolutely! Grace abounds, covering every stain on your heart. Brokenness redeemed, He takes the fragments of your life and weaves a tapestry of redemption. You're not defined by your past; you're redefined by His love. Your history doesn't disqualify you; it qualifies you to share His mercies with others. Come, follow Jesus, and let His grace rewrite your story."

How Do I Balance Following Jesus With Daily Responsibilities?

As you navigate daily responsibilities, remember that following Jesus doesn't mean abandoning your duties. Effective time management and prioritization strategies are key. Set your priorities in line with God's will, and allocate time accordingly. Jesus himself modeled this balance, often withdrawing to pray amidst a busy ministry. You too can prioritize your relationship with God while fulfilling your responsibilities. By doing so, you'll find strength, wisdom, and peace to tackle life's demands.

What if My Family and Friends Reject My Decision to Follow Jesus?

As you step into the unknown, a dark cloud of rejection looms, threatening to suffocate your newfound faith. You're not alone; many have faced a faith crisis, and it's a challenging test of resolve. Fear of rejection can lead to social isolation, spiritual loneliness, and a desperate cry for a support system. But remember, Jesus was also rejected by His own, yet He persisted, and so must you.

Is It Possible to Follow Jesus and Still Have Fun and Enjoy Life?

You might wonder, can I really follow Jesus and still have a blast? Absolutely! In fact, Jesus invites you on Spiritual Adventures that bring unparalleled joy. When you prioritize Joyful Devotion, you'll discover a life that's not just meaningful but also incredibly fulfilling. Don't believe the myth that faith is boring – with Jesus, you'll experience a life that's full, rich, and overflowing with purpose and excitement.