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Number 46 Meaning in the Bible

Find out the intriguing spiritual and prophetic significance of the number 46 in the Bible, a journey into biblical numerology awaits you.

Have you ever wondered about the significance of the number 46 in the Bible? It's a topic that's rarely explored, but when you start to dig in, you'll find that it's woven into the fabric of biblical history.

For instance, the Old Testament's construction of the Holy Temple took 46 years. But there's more to it than just historical facts. The spiritual and prophetic implications of the number 46 might surprise you, sparking a deeper exploration into the fascinating realm of biblical numerology.

Curious yet?

Key Takeaways

  • The number 46 in the Bible symbolizes spiritual and physical creation, reflecting divine purpose and interconnectedness of realms.
  • In the Old Testament, 46 signifies divine order, promise of multiplication, and lineage importance, while in the New Testament, it symbolizes redemption and divine grace.
  • The number 46 represents the physical body as a 'temple', indicating the transition from the physical to the spiritual realm and acting as a bridge between earthly and heavenly realms.
  • In prophecy and vision, 46 symbolizes preparation for God's presence, depicts spiritual growth, and points towards God's plan and purpose in the biblical narrative.

Biblical Numerology of 46

significance of the number 46

In understanding the biblical numerology of 46, you'll find it's a number that carries significant theological implications, deeply rooted in scriptural events and structures. The 46's creation significance is intrinsically linked to the construction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, which, according to the Bible, took 46 years to build. This number isn't chosen arbitrarily; it reflects a divine purpose, implying a period of preparation or building.

Delving deeper into the divine purpose of 46, you'll notice it's used to symbolize physical and spiritual creation. The human body, for instance, is miraculously built from 46 chromosomes, underscoring the concept of life and creation. This correlation between the physical and the spiritual world highlights the interconnectedness of all things, a fundamental belief in biblical theology.

The number 46, therefore, is more than a mere numerical value. It's a symbol, a theological tool used to shed light on larger divine truths. Its significance lies not just in its frequency of use, but in the profound spiritual concepts it represents. It's a testament to the Bible's intricate design and the divine purpose embedded within its pages.

46 in Old Testament Context

biblical numerology in genesis

When you delve into the Old Testament, you'll see the number 46 woven into the fabric of various narratives, marking key moments of spiritual growth and divine revelation. In Genesis, the 46th verse distinctly highlights God's promise to multiply Abraham's descendants, a covenant that shapes the rest of the biblical narrative.

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In Exodus, the 46th chapter is absent, yet this doesn't diminish the book's integral references to this number. You'll find the number 46 in the detailed instructions for the tabernacle's construction, where it represents completeness and God's divine order.

Consider these four key points:

  1. '46 in Genesis' – signifies God's promise of multiplication and abundance.
  2. 'Exodus 46 references' – indirectly, through the tabernacle instructions, symbolizing divine order and completeness.
  3. Number 46 in the Old Testament also appears in the genealogies, emphasizing the importance of lineage and continuity in biblical narratives.
  4. It's also found in the measurements of the Holy Temple, signifying God's precise design.

New Testament References to 46

biblical numerology in christianity

Shifting our focus to the New Testament, you'll find that the number 46 continues to hold significant biblical implications. It is noted in the parables Jesus taught, and Apostle Paul's letters as well.

In '46's Significance in Parables', the number is subtly woven into the narrative. For instance, in the parable of the Prodigal Son, the father's joy at his son's return could be seen as a symbol of God's willingness to welcome back his wayward children, a theme that resonates with the 46th Psalm.

Apostle Paul's references to the number 46 are also noteworthy. His letters, which form a substantial part of the New Testament, carry the theme of redemption and divine grace, aligning once again with the 46th Psalm's message.

Here's a table that illustrates these points:

Prodigal Son
Father's joy
Paul's Letters
Redemption theme
46th Psalm
Old Testament
God's protection
New Testament
Divine grace

Symbolic Interpretations of 46

exploring the number symbolism

Delving into the symbolic interpretations of the number 46, you'll uncover a myriad of remarkable meanings that intertwine with biblical teachings and theological concepts. This number's significance often ties back to the themes of Temple Construction and Divine Creation.

One key scriptural reference to 46 is found in John 2:20, where the Jews remark that the temple's construction took 46 years. This represents the temporal aspect of Divine Creation, where time is required for the manifestation of God's work.

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You'll also find that:

  1. The number 46 can symbolize the physical body, which is viewed as a temporary 'temple' housing the eternal soul.
  2. It's also connected to the concept of 'completeness' or 'perfection', reflecting the divine nature of creation.
  3. It symbolizes the transition from the physical to the spiritual realm, indicating the journey of the human soul towards divinity.
  4. Lastly, the number 46 may be seen as a bridge between the earthly and heavenly realms, echoing the inherent divinity within humanity.

Thus, the number 46 in biblical symbolism, is deeply woven with the themes of Divine Creation and Temple Construction, underlining the sacred connection between the temporal and the eternal in theological thought.

Number 46 in Prophecy and Vision

number 46 significance explained

In examining the role of the number 46 in biblical prophecy and vision, you'll discover a wealth of profound insights and spiritual revelations. This number isn't merely a count; it's deeply woven into the fabric of biblical narratives, symbolizing significant prophetic revelations.

You'll notice the visionary significance of 46 in the context of the construction of the Temple. It's no coincidence that it took 46 years to complete. This period signifies the time taken to prepare a holy place where God's presence could dwell among His people.

Now, let's delve deeper into the significance of 46 with this table:

Biblical Event
Numerical Value
Temple's Construction
46 years
Symbolizes preparation for God's presence
Number of Human Chromosomes
Represents the image of God in humanity
Genesis 46
46th Book
Depicts spiritual growth and transformation

These instances highlight the prophetic revelations associated with 46. Whether it's the temple's construction, human biology, or spiritual transformation in Genesis 46, it's clear that 46 is more than a number. It's a divinely orchestrated symbol, pointing towards God's plan and purpose in the biblical narrative.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Number 46 Relate to Other Significant Biblical Numbers?

You're delving into the realm of numerical parables, where each number holds a symbolic interpretation. In this intricate system, 46 can relate to other biblical numbers in various ways. It's not a standalone figure, but part of a larger numerical tapestry.

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Understanding this connection requires careful study and interpretation, akin to unraveling a divine code. You're on a fascinating journey, where numbers speak as eloquently as words.

Are There Any Biblical Figures Associated With the Number 46?

You're asking about biblical figures related to the number 46. While there's no direct correlation, there's a neat chromosomal connection – humans have 46 chromosomes, which carries a prophetic significance. It implies humanity's ultimate connection to the divine.

This isn't linked to specific figures, but it's worth noting as it adds another layer of meaning to 46's prophetic significance in biblical numerology.

How Does the Number 46 Reflect in Modern Christian Practices?

In your modern Christian practices, you may encounter 46 symbolism significance. This could be through modern numerology interpretations linked to biblical figures or events.

It's not directly mentioned in scripture, but it's thought to represent human weakness and the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

How Has the Interpretation of the Number 46 Evolved Throughout Christian History?

Over time, you've seen symbolic interpretations of the number 46 evolve in Christian history. Initially rooted in ancient numerology, its significance has grown and shifted based on societal changes and theological developments.

It's not just a number, it's a symbol with a rich historical narrative. This evolution is a testament to how Christianity adapts, reinterpreting symbols like 46 to make them relevant in different eras.

Are There Any Controversies or Debates Regarding the Meaning of Number 46 in the Bible?

Yes, there are controversies and debates. Some argue symbolic interpretations of the Bible, including the number 46, are speculative and not grounded in Biblical text. Others counter that numerology enriches our understanding of scripture.

You'll find numerology criticisms often come from those who prefer a literal approach. This disagreement reflects the ongoing tension between literal and symbolic interpretations within the wider Christian community.


In conclusion, you've discovered that number 46 holds substantial significance in biblical contexts. Its recurrence, particularly in the Old and New Testaments, highlights its symbolic value.

As you've seen, this number isn't just a digit; it's a divine message, a prophecy, a vision. So, whenever you encounter the number 46 in your spiritual journey, remember its biblical implications and ponder on the profound truths it signifies.